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SPN Tattoo/Body Mod AU -> Sam studies law at Stanford.

Daddys good girl


Original Imagine: http://dirtysupernaturalimagines.tumblr.com/post/92949702828/imagine-sam-holding-you-on-his-lap-and-letting-you
Author: http://itstheheartofashipper.tumblr.com/
Reader Gender: female
Word Count: 795
Warnings: daddy kink, drinking, cursing, slightly dom!sam

No actual smut but enjoy! Its short but if you like it I’ll make a part two!

You walked back into the living room of the bunker and handed Sam his beer. You and Sam had been dating for quite a while and you really enjoyed the rare moments when it was just you and him. You snuggled up against him as you sat down in his lap. He smiled and kissed your forehead, before turning his attention back to the tv. He was watching some movie you had no interest I, so you began to play with his hand that was around your shoulder. You pressed your lips against his wrist and kissed up his index finger before taking it in your mouth. You heard Sam’s breath hitch and felt him shift with you in his lap. Much to your disappointment he moved his arm from around your shoulder, you began to pout until Sam lifted you and shifted you so you were sitting in his lap, with your legs on either side if his hips. He stared at you with intense eyes as he held his hand back up and traced his thumb over your lips. He smirked at you, his eyes full of lust.

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kinda wanna go on a date, kinda wanna get hit by a truck too 


"When super-villains want to scare each other, they tell Joker stories."


i wonder how many people im in the “id be down if you asked” zone with


When someone you don’t like is talking to you…


When someone you don’t like is talking to you…

  • mom: can you do this chore for me?
  • me: *doesn't do it within 0.2 seconds*
  • mom: *does it for you*
  • mom: why can't you ever be responsible

http://twinkjaredarchived.tumblr.com/post/58622299938/weecesting-a-guyde-2-sam-winchestre-by →


A GUYde 2 sam winchesTRE BY SUPERneterl fandem

  • Sam born. Sam drink demon blood becuz evul. Evul baby eyes. Open mouth, asking 4 it.
  • sEM TAKE aLL dean’s food n money. sam TAKE LAST LUCKY CHARMS. leave dean 2 whore self on streats. (plz don’t pay attenshun 2 pasgettios dat…

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